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We have made progress with UN Women’s Country presences typologies. We have strengthened our influence, broadened our partnerships, and enhanced our impact to become a much stronger part of the UN institutions at country-level. We were born out of reform and aim to take that spirit forward, especially in the field, responding flexibly to changing circumstances, for example, as we have seen with COVID-19. We have augmented some of our field offices and our networks to support our work and we have used virtual decentralization to address urgent business needs. Our country presence establishment policy has now been finalized. The revisions will enable UN-Women to be present and staffed at the right level where we are most needed, within our available resources. The process for establishing and changing country presences and responding to Member State need for support is based on business cases. This is reviewed internally, submitted for finalization by myself and the senior team and guided by the limitations on resources. We now have a menu of support actions so that we can be sensitive to country partnerships. We have learnt in this process the importance of extended partnerships such as with cultural leaders, religious leaders, young people, because all of these are critical for strengthening our work at country-level and our work in UN Country Teams as we implement the reforms.

“Asha* walked for days and hitchhiked with strangers to get here,” Mniko says about the girl. “She’s not even 12, but she knew it was safer to run than stay in her village.” Asha will start classes in the next school year, having missed so much of the current term. But she is determined, adds Mniko, and wants to be a teacher.

Organizations like Prerona and women leaders like Goswami are vital actors on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, as well as climate disasters.

“Our effort, first as women, and second as grandmothers, is very important. It’s true that we got justice. We are now asking for education for our children and grandchildren so that the youth in the community have opportunities and aren’t like their elders who could not study,” says Demesia. “Our claims are with the government. We waited for many years for justice, now we have to wait for reparations.”

-ABC News' Aaron Katersky and Josh Margolin


Originally published on UN Women's regional website for Europe and Central Asia

This is also why I have made temporary special measures a signature issue of my Call to Action on Human Rights. Unless we use quotas and temporary special measures to remove the biases and obstacles to women’s equal participation, women will never realize their full rights, and societies will never reap the benefits of equality and inclusion.

When I was sworn in as Secretary-General, I made clear I was determined to bring equal numbers of women into senior leadership positions – which we achieved ahead of schedule last year.


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